by Todd Silver

Learning about history is fun.  But reliving it is even cooler.  And if you know the secret password of the week (which can be found at you can simply go back to the decade which was famously known as the “Roaring Twenties” and do just that.

How?  Simple.  If you patronage the very active Main Street in the town of Farmingdale you are probably very familiar with Charlotte’s Ice Cream.  Known for their great choices of self serve flavors visiting Charlotte’s is one of the must do’s when strolling the block.  But now there is a new reason to visit Charlotte’s.  You see, when owners and brothers Nick and John Devito purchased the store and took over, they were told that there was unoccupied space downstairs that was used as a speakeasy from back in the day.  It was close to a year ago that both Devitos decided to do something with it.  That is when they decided to re develop the space and re open it as a brand new speakeasy.  Charlotte’s SpeakEasy which opened and introduced to the public in November of 2017 quickly became the talk of the town.

Like stated above, and just like how any speakeasy operated, one can not just show up and venture in.  No way.  To get the full effect, you must find the secret password on the official web site and mention it to the bouncer who will be standing guard at the hidden wall.  Mentioning to him that you are here for the speakeasy will NOT get you in.  You MUST know the password in order to get the wall pushed open.  Once you supply that correct password the wall will open and down the stair case you will go.  And once down stairs, please be amazed at the awesome work and construction that was done in order to complete this project.  Limited to about sixty five people at a time, visitors of Charlotte’s SpeakEasy will be truly in awe.

Charlotte’s SpeakEasy is a truly complete functionally bar with a nice full choice of beers, wines and specialty drinks.  There is also food on the menu but according to (Nick) Devito, coming to the speakeasy to eat a full dinner is not the right choice.  Instead, Devito recommends coming out to Main Street to enjoy the full effect as there are many great restaurants in the area.  Devito says to go out, enjoy a night on the town then come to Charlotte’s after dinner to enjoy a drink and a light snack.  The menu here at the speakeasy is made up of appetizer type of items.

On top of the great drink choices and the food selection, to bring the whole “Twenties” theme back, customers to the speakeasy will be entertained by a different Jazz band that will be performing each and every night.  Also, to add to the decor from the decade you may notice the old school pictures hanging on the walls.  The pictures are very cool to look at it as it shows how things were such as the automobiles and what places looked like.  And we must also include to tell you about one more cool feature.  On the other side of the speakeasy, you may see another stair case.  This stair case will lead you out to the back to a very spacious out door area that is open to your convenience as well.  It will be the perfect spot once the warmer weather hits.

We highly recommend you going out to check out Charlotte’s SpeakEasy next time you plan on visiting the Farmingdale area.  The hours are Thursday 7:30 p.m-12 a.m. and Friday and Saturday from 7:30 p.m.- 1:00 a.m.  Charlotte’s Ice Cream/SpeakEasy is locate at 294 Main Street.


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